Cultural Heritage

Libraries and Archives safeguard the historical and cultural Heritage of Politecnico, as well as favoring the enhancement of their value. The richness of the preserved documentary collections (books and archives) reflects the cultural vitality of the university that, during the years, as a complement of its two-fold Institutional mission in Education and Research, acquired several documents of high scientific value, through charitable contributions and purchases.

Archives and Libraries in the Valentino Castle perform a three-fold function: safeguarding and protecting the cultural heritage, making it available to the interested scholars and citizens and enhancing its value also through the creation of exhibition itineraries open at a territory level.

The historical documentation has been only partly object of reorganization and inventory and interventions aimed at the creation of complementary tools which can facilitate the consultation and the knowledge of the history of the Politecnico, as well as of the Architecture, in particular by scholars and researchers, are now in progress. The synergy between the structures, which, with different roles, are in charge of the protection and enhancement of the value of the historical memory of Politecnico, will surely favor the impressive description work of the preserved documentation and the related opportunity to make use of it.

Furthermore, libraries perform the function of the knowledge organization and of educational and research support with a particular attention to new technologies, also in view of a knowledge free access.