The Hunt Room

The walls of this room were recovered with red and silver leather in 1644, and just one fresco makes up the decoration of the vaulted ceiling. It features Diana among the nymphs after the hunt and the words “BELLICA FACTA PARANT” are written on a scroll.

The rest of the ceiling is completely covered with Casella’s white stucco-work, which doesn’t limit itself to providing partitions with decorative elements of putti and festoons, but represents a processione of wild animals. The four major wall paintings are then dedicated to these same animals during the hunt – firstly to the hunt of the fawn, then the bear, then the wild pig and lastly the stag. Alongside these fresco scenes painted by Recchi, other minor scenes on the wall freizes shows putti busy in the ac-companying tasks of the hunt. Here Recchi and his team seem to treat their subjects more realistically, like in the ‘Where Flowers Are Born” room where the putti are usefully distilling floral essences. In this case too, they are inside a space covered by a caisson ceiling although this is rather theatrical as each of the scenes is flanked by veils.